Drum Workshops and Drum Circles will be held through out the day at the Greenbelt Rhythm and Drum Festival.  This is a very special opportunity to take a FREE drum class from any of our very experienced teachers and then put into use right away at one of the community drum circles!   All of our Drum Teachers & Facilitators are very experienced with many years of doing what they love, DRUMMING!  You are welcome to bring your own drum or you can rent one for the whole day from one of our vendors.  See below for the schedule of classes and drum circles.

The 2015 schedule is up!

G-RAD Drum Class Schedule
Drum Classes are in Greenbelt Arts Center, located down a set of stairs behind Roosevelt Center and Greenbelt Coop Grocery.  You can also access it from a parking lot directly next to it.
11:30- 1:00p – Basics of Cuban Rumba with Jason Walker
1:00-2:30p –  Intro to West African Drum & Shekere with Baile McKnight
2:30- 4:00p – Intermediate West African Rhythm & Song with Kristen Arant
4:00-5:30p – Basics of Middle Eastern Percussion with Raquy Danziger
Basics of Cuban Rumba with Jason Walker
This class will focus on the basics of Cuban Rumba. Participants will learn:
• How to pull the voices out of the drum
• Basics of Clave
• Tumbao- the root of the rhythm
• Segundo- the answer to the tumbao
• Simple variations on the tumbao and segundo to facilitate conversationRumba is a groove that is versatile and can be applied in many situations. It lends  a distinct flavor to whatever genre it is applied. Listening to other members of the ensemble and responding in the form of conversation/communication is key to a successful rumba. Come learn how to make your instrument talk!  Bring your own drum (congas, djembe, etc) or borrow one. Drums to lend are limited and will be given on a first come first served basis.
Jason Walker is a multi-disciplined drummer and percussionist with over twenty years of training and experience. Currently Jason drums with Chopteeth, Hard Swimmin’ Fish & The Vibe Collective.
Intro to West African Drum & Shekere with Baba Baile –
Baba Baile of Baile’s African Drum Works ( will conduct a workshop experience titled, “Your Heart the First Drum,” from 1-2p.m., followed by an “Introduction to playing the Shekere” from 2-2:30pm

“Your Heart the First Drum”
From 1-2pm, Individuals who come with their African drum will learn specific details about the composition of their drum’s crafting, origin, and cultural context. “Your Heart the First Drum” is an interactive experience! Dialogue, drumming technique, song, and dance, as expressions of Self, within culture, will be explored. If you are studying Djembe, Dunun, Agogo, or other African percussion instruments, then, this workshop is for you.

“Intro to Playing the Shekere”
After several decades of shekere building, as well as sharing this art form with hundreds through commissions, workshops, and performance, Baba Baile has agreed to demonstrate shekere playing techniques and guide workshop participants through the fundamentals of shekere playing. The word “shekere” is from the language of the Yoruba People of West Africa; the name for a gourd with a net of beads or cowry shells skirted on the outside. This ancient instrument can be found in different regions of Africa, and known by different names. Bring your shekere, if you have one. A limited number of shekere will be made available for use at Baile’s African Drum Works booth at the marketplace.

Intermediate West African Rhythm & Song with Kristen Arant
Bring a hand drum, shaker or bell to this class, and get ready to submerge yourself into polyrhythm and improve your drum swagger! Learn how to play funky rhythms with elusive time signatures, and compliment them with crisp solo techniques and powerful vocals. Learn the proper techniques and patterns to play on bells and shakers to compliment funk. Be ready to find your own drum language, deep down in your primal self, and share it with confidence.
Kristen Arant, a.k.a. the “Drumlady,” is a lead percussionist, musician, instructor and arranger, and the  founder of the Young Women’s Drumming Empowerment Project, the Akoma Drummers, and the Bele Bele Rhythm Collective.

Basics of Middle Eastern Percussion with Raquy Danziger
Learn how to play the goblet-shaped hand drum—known as the dumbek or darbuka—featured in music from Morocco to Iraq. Beginners will learn how to hold and play the drum, along with some common rhythms. Intermediate players will have the opportunity to fill in and embellish rhythms. Bring a dumbek or borrow one (a limited number will be available to lend). If you don’t have a dumbek—no problem! Bring your djembe, frame drum or other percussion instrument and play Middle Eastern rhythms along with us!

Raquy Danzigeris a celebrated performer, teacher, and composer known worldwide for her expertise on the dumbek, or darbuka, the Middle-Eastern goblet drum.
raquy danziger

Drum Circle Schedule
Drum circles are located in front of the main stage.  You are welcome to bring your own drum, rent a full-size drum for the day, or use one of the festival small drums.
11:00am – Drum for Joy with Jaqui MacMillan
12:30pm – Kids Drum Circle with Ken Crampton
3:30pm – Drum Circle with Katy Gaughan
7:00pm – Closing Drum Circle
We are thrilled to have these exciting & experienced Drum Facilitators leading our Drum Circles!

Jaqui MacMillan discovered her passion for African drumming thirty years ago. Over a span of fifteen years, she studied privately with many African drum masters and at the Tam Tam Mandingue School in Washington, DC. She began sharing her joy of drumming with others by performing, teaching classes and facilitating community drum circles. For over twenty years, Jaqui has taught thousands of students across the USA, both privately and through her Drum For Joy!™ workshops. Jaqui has performed and recorded with some of the top names in the business and has an extensive discography. The Washington Area Music Association, (WAMA), awarded her the “World Music Instrumentalist Award” every year from 1995 through 2002. Jaqui has facilitated drum circles for hundreds of conferences, corporate team building events, elementary and high schools, hospitals, programs for “at risk” children, juvenile detention centers and programs for homeless and battered women. She is a founding board member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (DCFG), an organization dedicated to professionalism in the field of drum circle facilitation. After twenty years in Washington, DC, Jaqui moved to Westminster, MD where she created Magnolia House Arts, Crafts & Music Studios. She is also the director of The Drum For Joy!™ Orchestra.

Ken Crampton is an Artist, Facilitator, Event Designer and Teacher has over 20 years experience in Building Community through the Rhythm and Arts. Ken has helped develop communities and events such as First Fridays (a monthly gallery hop), First Night Fredericksburg (founding member), The Drum Circle Facilitators Guild (founding director).  Schools (pre through college), Libraries, Banks, Festivals, Church Retreats, Adult Care Facilities, and Corporations have all included Everybody Drum into their events as workshops, icebreakers or keynote presentations.  Working with the various communities, we design successful programs that are fun, enlightening and exciting!  Ken has trained with Arthur Hull, Babatunde Olatunji, Mamady Keita, Keith Terry, Kalani, Essa Grayson, and Jaqui MacMillan and is a graduate of HealthRHYTHMS, Village Music Circles, and Drum Circle Music.
Ken Crampton will be facilitating the afternoon drum circle at 12:30pm.

Katy Gaughan, one of the organizers of G-RAD, is a percussionist and drum circle facilitator. She hosts the Wednesday Night Drum Jams in Takoma Park, a monthly drum circle that meets in Takoma Parks, and has been facilitating the community drum circle at Greenbelt’s 4th of July Fireworks celebration for the past 7 years. Through her organization Music Heals Us Drum Circles she brings drum circles to schools, churches, community events, festivals and celebrations. She also plays in with the Bele Bele Rhythm Collective (who are performing today) and Djesben. Katy will facilitate the mid-afternoon drum circle at 3:30pm.



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