The festival will have many Vendors for drums & percussion instruments, clothing, jewelry, food, face painting and much more.  Here is our List of Vendors for our 2015 Festival!

– Drumming Up from Poverty
Beautiful handmade drums from Ghana  African percussion, clothes, & more

– Baile’s African Drum Works
Offering African Djembes, Dununs, Talking Drums, Balafons, Brekete, Shekeres, African Textiles, etc

– House of Musical Traditions
Specialized in instruments from the U.S. and around the world. Featuring an exotic, unusual, and vintage instruments, as well as fun folk instruments for music lovers of all ages.  Instructional and song books, and recordings of traditional music from around the country are also available.

– Roll Up and Dye
Beautiful custom Tie dye clothing and accessories! We bring tie dye parties to you and ship our tie dyes world wide.

Profusion Glass
Locally recognized fused glass artist Tina Van Pelt has created a line of fused glass jewelry that appeals to many tastes. Using a variety of Italian Murano glass, American “Bullseye” glass, and beautiful iridescent dichroic glass, she has fashioned a unique offering of pendants, earrings, pins, and other glass pieces at very affordable prices.

Enchanted Loft
Multi mixed media crafts with a nature & faerie theme, fantasy art, jewelry, quilted wall hangings,etc
Sunrise Caribbean Cuisine
The diverse ethnic foods of the Caribbean is reflected in it’s vegetarian & vegan cuisine.

– BriteCloth TieDye
Tie Dye Clothing for children and adults

-The FacePaint Lady of Painted Faces Inc
Master FacePainter! Celebrating a Quarter Century of Smiles in October 2016!
The Painter They Grew Up With!(c)


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